CPO International Level 3 (bodyguard)

CPO International Level 3 (bodyguard)

FORMATION  CPO International HABC Level 3 Certificate in Close Protection (bodyguard)
DUREE : 14 jours
LIEU: Italie (SEZZE) 
formation tout inclus (Formation et certification, hébergement, repas)

Target / Objective:

Acquire high skills in the assessment and management of high-risk and threats of VIP. Proactive protection on-site and dynamic on moving. Team Management.IMG-20150308-WA0014
1 – Roles and Responsibilities of the Close Protection Operative
Purpose, attributes: VIP, family, lifestyle, image – Honesty, integrity, intelligent, discreet, calm… – Roles: Team Leader, CPO, PPO, Security Advance Party, Driver, Medic, Support Team, Residential Security Team, And Personal Escort Section… – Situational: urban, rural, time of day, weather, current affairs, lone working…
2 – Threat And Risk Assessment
Understand difference between Threat and Risk and evaluation

Interview of the Principal (Why, Who, Where, How, When…) and crosschecks
Different type of principals (VIP)
Threat & Risks : People, Venues, environment
Techniques: Threat profiling
Threats and categories (color code, etc.)
3 – Conflict Management
Human Responses
Triggers Responses & Inhibitors
4 – Surveillance Awareness
People and organizations: criminals, media, stalkers, fixated persons, groups (protest…)
Techniques: Covert, Overt, foot, mobile, static, urban, rural, HRZ (High Risk Zone)
Equipment: radios, CCTV, camcorder, optical support, listening and tracking devices
5 – Operational Planning & Interpersonal Skills
TRAM (Threat and Risk Assessment and Mitigation)
Op. Plan: alone, part of team
Briefing/debriefing: Principal, team, others
6 – Teamwork (dispatching and diff. patrols) / briefing
SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)
7 Coding and Data Protection (operational plan, personal data)
8 – Reconnaissance and assessment
SAP (Security Advance Party)IMG-20150307-WA0003
Route plans
9 – Notebook and Technological Tools
Open data & “Deep web”
10 – Close Protection Foot Drills
Foot Formations, body cover, foot evacuation, communication, flexibility
Public relations / “Red Carpet”
11 – Sniping / Counter-Sniping
Shadow Team / COVOP
12 – VehicleDebus / Embus & Emergency evacuation
Security / Parkings / initial et preo-op searchs / first aid equipment
Driver / self-drive / people accompanying / solo / CPO, vehicle type / numberThreat of carjacking
13 – Venue Security
Close Protection Journey Management / Plan
Operations: Venue type access,  embus/debus, in-ouse security, emergency procedures
Liaisons: Hosts, staff, others
Factors: emergency services, evacuation drills, safe room, car parking, embus/debus, venue security arrangements, size
Contingencies: alarms, emergency procedures, local protocols
Countermeasures: patrolling, CCTV, SAP (Security Advance Party), access control
14 – Residential Security & Protective Corporate
15 – Route Selection & Planning
16 – Search Procedure
Buildings, vehicle; public venue; people
IED, jammer, bug, tracker
Wands, scanners, X-ray, thermal or infrared, SST (Specialized Search Team) / K9 / Search mirrors
17 – Incident Management
Incident Report Legal
18 – Security DrivingOffensive/defensive) & Tactical Movements
QRF (Quick Response Force) or CAT (Counter Attack Team)
19 – Convoy
Final synthesis exercice:
Profiling, Threat & Risk assessment, Operational Plan, residential, Medic, extraction QRF, moving and convoy. Débriefing/Incident report in relation
with “friendly forces”.
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