CPO Level 3 (QCF) —Coming soon


TRAINING  CPO Level 3 Certificate for Working as a Close Protection Operative within the Private Security Industry (QCF) & HABC Level 3 :  Award in First Aid Response
DURATION: 18 jourssia-logo

Pré-requis:  bonne connaissance de l’anglais

 inclus (Formation et certification,hébergement, repas)  

Target / Objective:

Acquire high skills in the assessment and management of high-risk and threats of VIP. Proactive protection on-site and dynamic on moving. Team Management.
1 – Roles and Responsibilities of the Close Protection Operative
Purpose, attributes: VIP, family, lifestyle, image – Honesty, integrity, intelligent, discreet, calm… – Roles: Team Leader, CPO, PPO, Security Advance Party, Driver, Medic, Support Team, Residential Security Team, And Personal Escort Section… – Situational: urban, rural, time of day, weather, current affairs, lone working…
2 – Threat And Risk Assessment
Understand difference between Threat and Risk and evaluation

Interview of the Principal (Why, Who, Where, How, When…) and crosschecks
Different type of principals (VIP)
Threat & Risks : People, Venues, environment
Techniques: Threat profiling
Threats and categories (color code, etc.)
3 – Conflict ManagementIMG-20150308-WA0014
Human Responses
Triggers Responses & Inhibitors
4 – Surveillance Awareness
People and organizations: criminals, media, stalkers, fixated persons, groups (protest…)

Techniques: Covert, Overt, foot, mobile, static, urban, rural, HRZ (High Risk Zone)
Equipment: radios, CCTV, camcorder, optical support, listening and tracking devices
5 – Operational Planning & Interpersonal Skills
TRAM (Threat and Risk Assessment and Mitigation)

Op. Plan: alone, part of team
Briefing/debriefing: Principal, team, others
6 – Teamwork (dispatching and diff. patrols) / briefing
SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)

7 – Coding and Data Protection
(operational plan, personal data)
8 – Reconnaissance and assessmentIMG-20150307-WA0006
SAP (Security Advance Party)
Route plans
9 – Notebook and Technological Tools
Open data & “Deep web”

10 – Close Protection Foot Drills
Foot Formations, body cover, foot evacuation, communication, flexibility

Public relations / “Red Carpet”
11 – Sniping / Counter-Sniping
Shadow Team / COVOP

12 – Vehicle
Debus / Embus & Emergency evacuation

Security / Parkings / initial et preo-op searchs / first aid equipment
Driver / self-drive / people accompanying / solo / CPO, vehicle type / numberThreat of carjacking
13 – Venue SecurityIMG-20150307-WA0003
Close Protection Journey Management / Plan
Operations: Venue type access,  embus/debus, in-ouse security, emergency procedures
Liaisons: Hosts, staff, others
Factors: emergency services, evacuation drills, safe room, car parking, embus/debus, venue security arrangements, size
Contingencies: alarms, emergency procedures, local protocols
Countermeasures: patrolling, CCTV, SAP (Security Advance Party), access control
14 – Residential Security & Protective Corporate
15 – Route Selection & Planning
16 – Search Procedure
Buildings, vehicle; public venue; people

IED, jammer, bug, tracker
Wands, scanners, X-ray, thermal or infrared, SST (Specialized Search Team) / K9 / Search mirrors
17 – Incident Management
Incident Report Legal
18 –HABC Level 3 Award in First Aid Response (QCF)TCCC3suite
Cette qualification HABC est idéal pour ceux qui souhaitent acquérir une compréhension plus complète de premiers soins, ainsi que l’intérieur d’une compréhension de l’importance de l’intelligence médicale / environnementale est lorsqu’ils traitent avec une gamme de victimes.Les sujets abordés comprennent: les rôles et les responsabilités des secouristes; l’évaluation d’un incident, de reconnaître les signes et les symptômes de blessures et de maladies, aider une victime qui souffre de blessures graves et de la maladie, l’utilisation correcte d’un DEA, la sensibilisation de la fourniture médicale et les facteurs de impactant l’environnement.
19 – Security Driving
Offensive/defensive) & Tactical Movements

QRF (Quick Response Force) or CAT (Counter Attack Team)
20 – Convoy

Final synthesis exercice:
Profiling, Threat & Risk assessment, Operational Plan, residential, Medic, extraction QRF, moving and convoy. Débriefing/Incident report in relation with “friendly forces”.
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